Benefits of Garage Door Maintenance

Avoid an unexpected problem

As homeowners, we tend to take our garage door for granted.  With our automatic garage door opener, we walk into our garage, click the button and voila!  Our garage door opens and we are set to go.

Oftentimes, we forget what an incredible piece of machinery our automatic garage door opener is.  It eliminates the need for us to manually walk over to the garage door itself and lift a heavy door.  Despite the track and rollers designed to make this an easier task, we all know, if we have ever had to do this, that it is a pain in the back!

Of course, it is when our automatic garage door breaks down unexpectedly, that we are reminded what an important part of our lives it is.  We might be on our way to work, to an appointment, to pick up kids from school— any number of things when we absolutely do not want to be stuck in our garage.

This is when we think, “I should have had a maintenance check on this garage door!”  Having a reliable garage door professional, from an established company of 50 plus years such as Best Overhead Doors, come out yearly for a very affordable maintenance fee, is well worth the money.

They will be able to check your garage door cables, springs, tracks, rollers, sensors and wire connections to verify that they are not loose or worn from everyday use and need replacement.  

Most people operate their garage door mechanism at minimum, twice a day, with some as many as 8-10 times a day easily for a two car garage.  Wear and tear is substantial and can cause the parts to break down.

On a maintenance check, your professionally trained technician can spot potential problems before they cause you significant inconvenience. 

Call Best Overhead Doors and ask to be put on a maintenance plan.  Be confident and sure that your garage door will always operate properly!

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