Carriage House Garage Doors – Another Option

Carriage house garage doors add a stylish old-world sophistication to homes.  Reminiscent of actual carriage house doors that were originally used to store horse-drawn carriages in the days of old, the beautiful doors are distinguished by pleasing design features.

Modern carriage house garage doors generally feature even-numbered rectagular windows at the top of the garage door with two strong metal handles at their center.  Attractive decorative hinges may complement the doors as well.  Your home’s curb appeal will be higher than that of the traditional garage door style.

These garage doors can be constructed of either steel or wood.  As with other garage doors, the natural beauty of wood is appealing, but steel has the added benefits of being durable and low-maintenance.  This is especially advantageous for homes located in more extreme climate changes.  Steel garage doors can also be insulated with composite.

One advantage of carriage house garage doors in addition to their added beauty is the garage ceiling space that is left free for storage or other purposes.  Carriage house garage doors swing open versus rolling up which can make the ceiling space inaccessible.

Automatic swing doors can make the carriage house garage doors just as convenient to open as roll up garage doors.

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