22222222If you need to change your control code for your garage door or just update it periodically for security reasons, the following gives instructions for programming the garage door opener and remote control.  There may be some variations in the instructions due to different brands and varieties of garage doors, but most are typical as described below.

Check that there is power to the keypad

Most garage door systems have a keypad mounted on the main wall on which numbers can be entered.  The keypad needs power to run, so check that the batteries are fresh so it can operate.

Inside the garage door opener panel

You may take the cover off the back of the garage door opener to access the control panel. It is the box located near the ceiling that contains the controls.  On Craftsman garage door openers, it usually has a red cover and on opening, reveals various buttons.

Erase old programming

First, you need to make sure that any existing information is erased on the system.  On the back of the remote, there is usually a large square red button.  Instructions are often printed near the controls.

If you need better access to the panel, you may take out the light bulb that is screwed in, but be sure to put it back before reprogramming.  The light bulb is needed to indicate successful reprogramming.  It will flash on and off.

Erase previous programming by pressing and holding down the red button.  A small light next to the button will light up when you do this.  Keep holding the button down until the light goes out.  When the light goes out, the system has been cleared.

At this point, the keypad and remote will not work until you reprogram the system.

Reprogramming the system

To reprogram the garage door opener, press the reprogramming button once (red button on a Craftsmen opener), and a light next to it will light up. It will give you approximately 30 seconds to walk to the keypad and enter a 4 digit security code of your choice.  Do not make the 4 digits your house number or anything that makes it easy for someone to guess.  Once you enter the numbers, press the enter button.

The light on the garage door opener will go off and then light back up if the reprogramming is successful.  If it does not, then start all over and try again.

Set Remote

Now you have to reset the remote. Press the red button in the garage door opener control box again and at the same time, press the open/close button on the remote.  Release them at the same time and the remote will now be set to open the garage door.

These instructions apply primarily to Craftsman garage door openers, which are the most common, and if they do not work, please refer to your garage door opener’s user manual.