Hi Tech Garage Door Openers

As with everything else in this technology advancing world of ours, garage door openers are now available with the latest hi-tech features which gives more to consider when choosing a garage door opener.

An example is the Ryobi Ultra-Quiet Garage Door Opener.  Of course, it does the basics such as opening and closing your garage door and quietly too.  And, it comes with the standard two car remotes and indoor/outdoor keypads.

But now, it comes with a built-in Wi-Fi antenna so that it can communicate with your smartphone.  Load its mobile app onto your phone and it can tell you if your door is opened or closed, allow you to remotely open or close your garage door, or control the optional modules that you can add to it.

The optional modules include some handy features if you are willing to pay approximately $45 to $65 per module.  A charging bay for its 18V One+ battery will provide power to your garage door even during a power outage.  You can add a Bluetooth speaker and/or an adjustable fan.  A duel-laser parking-assistant replicates the dangling tennis ball which tells you when you’ve pulled into the garage far enough by using lasers.

So if you like handy-dandy hi-tech equipment, you now can get hi-tech garage door equipment too!

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