garage-door-rollersA garage door is generally used several to many times a day, almost every day of the year.  It is a heavy, large moving part that puts great stress on the springs, tracks, and rollers during operation, and could cause injury should it break.

When a garage door needs repair, oftentimes, the homeowner will call a garage door repair company for the part that they believe is causing the problem.  Our repair person at Best Overhead Doors will verify the problem, fix the problem, and inspect all the other parts of the garage door for maintenance checks.

Rollers, either steel or nylon, should be inspected twice a year.  They generally require replacement every seven years.  A broken roller can cause additional stress on other more expensive parts of the garage door, so it is a good idea to replace the rollers before a larger,  additional malfunction occurs.

Regular preventive care and maintenance can keep your garage door operating well for decades, and at Best Overhead Doors, we inspect all aspects of your garage door on every call.

So when our technician suggests that worn, cracked, or chipped rollers should be replaced as soon as possible, it is done in an effort to prevent potential problems and even danger to the customer by a garage door that may break.  The choice to follow the advice of our technician is up to the customer, but in providing the best service possible, out technicians would be remiss not to point out a need to maintain your garage door rollers or other more minor parts.

We have been in business for 50 years, and our client base is based on our honesty and good work.  We only want to provide the best customer service so that our customers return to us again and again.