Infrared Safety Sensor Light Alignment

Automatic garage door systems have a safety feature to prevent the garage door from crushing any object (or person) in the way. This is the infrared safety sensor feature installed on the garage door track approximately six inches from the ground.garage-door-safety-sensor

The infrared safety sensor includes two parts: an infrared beam emitted by one part installed on one side of the garage door track, and a receiver which is installed on the other side of the garage door.

In order for this garage door safety feature to operate correctly, these “parts” must be aligned. The receiver eye must be lined up with the transmitter eye, i.e., the infrared beam must reach the receiver.  USE THESE INSTRUCTIONS AT YOUR OWN RISK.

These sensors have a status light which will be “on” (usually a green light) when there is a clear path between them where the infrared beam reaches the receiver eye. The receiver will turn “off” (usually a red light or blinking light) when the clear path is interfered with, at which time, if the garage door is closing, it will reverse and open.

The overhead door safety sensor parts should be installed at approximately 6” from the ground. If this is any higher, it could miss a small child or person lying on the ground causing serious injury. If the sensors are installed within an inch or two of the ground, leaves and other debris might trigger false garage door responses.

DO NOT install sensors anywhere else as it may cause a serious safety hazard.

Not working? The following troubleshooting is based on the assumption that the safety eyes and garage door opener are not mechanically damaged.


Problem: When the garage door opener button is pressed, the door starts coming down but stops and reverses when the button is released.


  1. Is there anything obstructing the infrared beam path such as debris or even a spider web?
  2. Make sure the sensor lenses are clean on both parts (receiver and transmitter)
  3. Make sure the status lights are constantly on indicating that they are aligned. If not, you can try to adjust them slightly and secure into place.
  4. Block the path of the infrared beam to verify that the garage door sensor lights turn off, changes color to red or starts blinking.
  5. If either sensor status light is not operating, verify that the wires are secured at the garage door opener terminals as well as at the sensors. You can do this by wiggling them to make sure that they have not separated or broken at the screw holding them in place.
  6. Make sure that the entire length of the wire connecting the garage door opener and sensors did not accidentally get cut or damaged.

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