remote-garage-door-opeNew technology Remote Garage Door Controls

The advance of garage door openers.

New garage door opener products on the market utilizes two-way communications for control via internet access through a smartphone, table, desktop computer, or laptop from anyplace at anytime. Through your internet accessible device, you can connect to and control your garage door opener.

Did you forget to close your garage door? Do you need to let someone in when you are not at home? This new technology solves your problems! Open or close your garage door when you’re at the office or on vacation.

Ever have a doubt about whether you closed that garage door behind you? This garage door opener technology lets you check from anywhere!

Products such as the LiftMaster Internet Gateway accessory also allows you to turn on some house lights or open and close a gate operator. Call us to discuss what product will serve your needs best. We will install and show you how to operate from your smartphone quickly, safely and efficiently.